A very interesting wake-up call.

Given our agonizingly dystopian past, a dystopian future is almost guaranteed. However, assuming that more and improved information about the human represents progress, there might even be a glimmer of new hope:
* better understanding of human biology will allow for more human friendly arrangements.
* we have been able to flourish under circumstances of dire ignorance and prejudice for thousands of years. True enlightenment should be harmful mainly to the old order.
* revolutions have been a regular feature of the past but the majority at the time were preoccupied with other, more important matters.

Perhaps we should worry less and be more brave.

Another take on the problem here

Three Pound Brain

[Presented June 2nd, 2015, for the Posthuman Aesthetics Research Group at Aarhus University]

Abstract: For centuries now, science has been making the invisible visible, thus revolutionizing our understanding of and power over different traditional domains of knowledge. Fairly all the speculative phantoms have been exorcised from the world, ‘disenchanted,’ and now, at long last, the insatiable institution has begun making the human visible for what it is. Are we the last ancient delusion? Is the great, wheezing heap of humanism more an artifact of ignorance than insight? We have ample reason to think so, and as the cognitive sciences creep ever deeper into our biological convolutions, the ‘worst case scenario’ only looms darker on the horizon. To be a writer in this age is stand astride this paradox, to trade in communicative modes at once anchored to our deepest notions of authenticity and in the process of…

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