An excellent discussion of whether physicists are capable of coming up with valid knowledge without the help of pure metaphysicians. The scientismists are not giving in, despite skepticism of deep thinkers.

Scientia Salon

Alfred Wegener Alfred Wegener

by Donald Prothero Every year of the 20th century included many scientific breakthroughs and achievements, but few years were as important as the year 1915 — one hundred years ago this year. It seems odd that it stands out as such a watershed. World War I had broken out the previous August with the rapid German advance through the Low Countries and northern France and almost to Paris, then been beaten back by an Allied counteroffensive. By the beginning of 1915 the Allied and German lines across Belgium and northern France were deeply entrenched, and they would barely budge for three more long years of pointless slaughter.

Yet despite these horrific events, science marched on. In physics, Einstein published his theory of general relativity, which gave us the concepts of space-time and warped space. His theory also successfully explained the peculiarities in the apparent motions of Mercury. (However, the paper was not widely…

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