This idea is amazing to me: when ‘I change myself’ as part of self development or therapy of some kind, I am actually in the process of changing the structure and function of my brain. New pathways of information processing are opened up and old ones are closed. If the I, the me, consciousness, the brain and the body are all inextricable and inseparable then the process of changing oneself means that one is changing the entire self. The brain, in effect, decides to change itself, and the entire body is changed in the process. In stead of slumping miserably in a corner, a changed person could move about enthusiastically, even rearrange their world.

The idea that the brain can decide to change itself, and succeed, is astounding! How does a bony skull, filled with about 1.3 kg of various molecules, arrayed in a divine plan, acquire this definite, if somewhat limited, degree of freedom? To learn, or not to learn, that is the question!

This must be one of the ultimate mysteries, but as we learn more about biology, we are being overwhelmed by the seemingly unlimited number of miracles that constitute this abundant ecology in which we exist and are an intimate part of. The more we learn, the more we are truly awed.

That all this beauty, pleasure and happiness could be traced back to the ineffable oscillations of dead molecules is too much for the vast majority of us to accept, but more and more that appears to be the way it is. We will have to deal with the realization that the myths we entertain ourselves by have evil consequences when they are completely incompatible with the facts.