Has anyone noticed all the talk of the death of great things? It started, apparently, with Hegel and Nietzsche and the Death of God. Us humans were guilty of this deicide through neglect and narcissism. Then Foucault diagnosed the Death of Man, a sort of suicide of the idea of man, not our actual extinction, thank goodness. Our comfortable consensus that man was endowed with certain inalienable rights and admirable qualities came under fire, and the attackers quickly declared a catastrophic victory. Those old ideas were dead.

Soon there was Death by Deconstruction of everything that stood in the way of the Post-Modernist French Revolution – curious, isn’t it, how history repeats itself. The Subject is now dead because our sense of personhood and self-consciousness is a delusion. The Author has also bitten the dust, there is no creative and inspirational faculty. An author just pieces bits together, gathered from the ether, it is Language that speaks. I’m not sure whether The Artist is also dead yet. Artists do not use text as their main medium and so they might escape accusation of a capital crime. It seems strange though that there would be an exemption for artists because historically they have always associated themselves with authors, even calling themselves authors occasionally. This new philosophy is beginning to resemble the tax code. Scientists too have jumped on the bandwagon and pronounced the Death of Philosophy, but that is another story (narrative).

Narrative is dead too. The life stories we tell ourselves are meaningless and imagined with no basis in reality. In the case of postmodernism I would agree that the narrative is wrong. It has some merits but no cigar. Postmodernism is an anti-humanism and so is its child posthumanism. These words are scary just looking at them.

The question, at this point, is what difference does it make? The idea that a beautiful theory is sufficient for meaning seems to be inadequate and could cause a lot of trouble. We might have to consider the socio-political aims behind these theories in order to understand them better.