With a sense of foreboding I learned from an op-ed in the WSJ that Superman had renounced his US citizenship a few years ago. ” ‘Truth, justice and the American way’—it’s not enough any more,” he despaired! http://online.wsj.com/articles/dixon-and-rivoche-how-liberalism-became-kryptonite-for-superman-1402265792

The innocent minds of our children are being molded by insidious leftist thoughts that have become de rigeur as society plods along unawares. We are politically very polarized and, quite frankly, the left and the right have no idea what the other side is saying. Each side beats the drum in its own echo chamber, while reason, discussion and understanding take a backseat.

The argument from the left is relatively easy: there is so much injustice and inequality, and it is exacerbated by those greedy and heartless capitalists and their corrupt cronies in government. The rich have usurped power and frustrate the efforts of the masses.

The argument from the right is more difficult. Individual freedom is worth the hard work and personal responsibility. There is also the implication that those few who have made it are deserving, while the rest just have to try harder.

Both sides have a point, but politicians are not likely to stick their necks out for ‘progress’.